What we do?

We are a growing community created to offer support and advice to underprivileged rugby players
who are striving for success.

We set up AdviceAcademy in 2020 after noticing just how much talent was going unnoticed among
rugby players who were not involved with academy structures or fee-paying schools. We decided to
set up a page to begin our goal of achieving equal opportunities for all, and since then we have been
working hard to level the playing field.

In 2022, we aim to take our project to the people, in the form of camps during term time holidays. We will strive to offer quality coaching and resources, as 
well as help with nutrition and lifestyle. Modelling an elite environment we will help children who otherwise couldn’t afford or access the opportunity.

There is no reason why a rugby player’s journey into elite sport should be affected by their
 academic and socio-economic background – this is what we are striving to change.

  • Programmes

    Free Strength and Conditioning programmes designed to support rugby players throughout the
    season. Tailored to the time of the season, these programmes are designed for rugby players.

  • Merchandise

    Want to help us on our journey? As a non-profit organisation, all money made from merchandise sales gets reinvested into the work we do at AdviceAcademy. We are hoping to get our t-shirts on display in schools this year!

  • Our socials

    Regular, informative, sport specific content is released every day on our Instagram. Support us by
    dropping a follow, and if you’re struggling with anything from rugby to day-to-day worries, don’t
    hesitate to get in touch!